Vicki Kersey
Team Director
Independent Consultant-12 Dream Trip Earner

  • Hostess Booking Gift ($20 value!)
  • Hostess Exclusive Buy ($100 value!)
  • Tote Bag and Business Supplies (jewelry not included).
Select the pieces you want to sell and earn an immediate 50% profit.

Earn Money
A Cookie Lee business is simple and profitable. Earn money from your business in two ways:

50% gross profit from jewelry sales
When Consultants purchase the jewelry at 50% off and sell it at full retail value, they earn a 50% gross profit!

Build a Team and receive monthly commissions
As you share your excitement about the business with others and add members to your Team, you receive monthly commissions based on your sales and the sales and recruits of your Team. And, as you promote to higher levels of our Compensation Plan, you can achieve greater monthly bonuses.

Dream Getaway & Dream Drive-away Cookie Lee Consultants can enjoy...

A 50-60% PROFIT
Earn a 50–60% profit on all jewelry sales. Consultants can purchase the jewelry at 50% off. Sell the jewelry at full retail value and earn a 50% gross profit!

A Dream Getaway Trip!
Join us on a dream vacation to Jamaica! Our Dream Getaway Trips can be earned by Consultants at EVERY level. With our new Consultant QuickSuccess program, a new Consultant can earn more than 70% of their Dream Getaway Trip in their FIRST THREE MONTHS of business! From Europe to the Bahamas, travel the world for free with Cookie Lee!

$800 Cash Bonus Opportunities from Day 1
New Consultants can earn up to $800 in cash bonuses in our QuickSuccess PLUS program. In addition to cash bonuses, your new business can earn you up to 21,500 Dream Getaway Trip Points (70% earned of your Dream Getaway Trip) and the QuickSuccess Exclusive Bracelet (retail value $100) will help you promote your new business every where you go.

A Cash Car Allowance
Drive the car of your dreams—and let Cookie Lee make the payment! Starting at the Team Director level, you'll receive a check each month to pay for the car of your choice!

Generous Monthly Bonuses and Commissions
You can receive additional income based on your personal sales, AND the sales and recruits of your Team! Plus, as you promote to higher levels, you'll achieve greater monthly bonuses!

A Personal Business
Be your own boss! Set your own schedule and work your business according to your needs. You choose your schedule and your income.
Sell Jewelry
Whether you're a busy mom, a full-time professional or a trendsetter at heart, a Cookie Lee business can be the perfect income opportunity for you. Cookie Lee jewelry is so easy to share—wearing jewelry has never been more profitable! In addition to the shows listed below, you can also do on-the-go sales right from your Tote Bag.

Home Shows

Office Shows


Catalog Shows

Personal Styling Appointments

Join Now
Signing up is so much fun! Just click the, "Join Now" button below and you'll be able to shop for jewelry! Or, contact me and I'll walk you through the process and show you some of our best sellers. Becoming a Cookie Lee Consultant is just the first step toward helping you earn extra income, a dream vacation or a new car!
Join us at the Ultimate Vacation Destination
I joined Cookie Lee to make some extra money, but what I didn't realize was all the new friends I'd make too! My Cookie Lee business is so much more than selling jewelry-it's become a whole new world of friendship, family and FUN!