Vicki Kersey


Independent Jewelry Consultant

It's Show Time.

Get the girls together for some serious shopping. You'll get free jewelry, 50%-off
favorite items and exclusive gifts when you host a Cookie Lee show.
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Home Show. Office Show.Fundraiser.Catalog Show.

Hosting has its Perks


•  Free Jewelry

•  Free Hostess Bracelet


•  Favorite items at 50%-off

•  Hostess Exclusive Tote for just $20


Home Show

Cookie Lee home shows have no formal presentation.

Your guests can stop by for a few minutes or stay a few hours. Enjoy time with your friends as they shop and try on the jewelry.

What's it like?

I'll show your guests all kinds of cool jewelry tricks, give style tips and even help accessorize your favorite outfits. And with Cookie Lee's jewelry acting as the star of the show, you won't need fancy appetizers or elaborate eats to entertain.

Get more free jewelry

Collect orders from friends near and far—especially those who can’t make it, and their orders will count toward your show total, too. Share my webpage so they can view the catalog online and shop my website 24/7.

Office Show

You're already at work to earn money—earn free jewelry, too

Office shows allow people to shop with ease. There's no traffic to fight or parking spaces to hunt. And, being that everyone wants to look their best in the office, I can show your coworkers how to accessorize for a more professional appearance.

What's it like?

Office shows are a convenient and quick way to share your love of Cookie Lee jewelry with coworkers. Just like at a home show, your coworkers will love trying on all the jewelry. We can do a one-hour show during lunch, or I can stay a few hours to accommodate varying lunch schedules.

Get more free jewelry

Share my web page with coworkers so that they can view the catalog online ahead of time. Be sure to collect orders from those who can't make it.


Does your organization need money?

I do all kinds of fundraisers for schools, sports teams, charities, churches and more. Whether it's raising money for new uniforms or helping someone you know, Cookie Lee makes doing fundraisers simple and fun.

What's it like?

I customize the fundraiser according to your needs. You can raise money by collecting catalog orders or holding a show/event. A portion of the profits will go toward your cause. I offer a generous percentage of profits from my jewelry sales, so let's talk about your needs.

Catalog/Online Show

No time to get-together with friends?

Try one of my catalog or online social media shows to earn some free jewelry and 50%-off items.

What's it like?

Catalog hostesses earn all the free jewelry, gifts and 50%-off items that my home and office show hostesses earn. All you do is share the catalog, collect orders and you'll earn free jewelry based on total sales. The more orders you take, the more jewelry you'll receive—free! Even better, when you host an online show, I can post images of specific pieces and trends and share jewelry tips to excite and educate your guests for more sales.

The fun has just begun.

Shop Online. Join Cookie Lee. Contact Me.
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Vicki Kersey

Independent Consultant-12 Dream Trip Earner


Twelve years ago, I started my Cookie Lee business because I LOVED the jewelry.  I never imagined that I would be earning the extra income that I now receive each month including earning a Mercedes Benz and Dream Vacations to places like the Bahamas, Alaska, Hawaii, Turks & Caicos, Cancun, Carribean, Jamaica, Dominican Republica, Spain,Italy and Puerto Rico.  
If you join Cookie Lee, you can earn a fabulous trip to Jamaica and stay at one of the most beautiful resorts in the world.  Our trips change your life. 

I get paid to have fun while selling jewelry at home shows, office shows, through my website and by collecting catalog orders. I've made such great and cherished friendships with my Cookie Lee business—it really is a family! 

Our new Spring/Summer catalog is amazing and just released was our brand new Look Book with absolutely fantastic jewelry which is not only gorgeous but puts a "wow" with your outfit.  We have the best jewelry designer in the United States with knowledge of the latest looks, which makes our jewelry easy to sell, plus it's affordable, well made, and guaranteed.  

Would you like to set your own hours so you can spend more time with your family?  Want to start taking advantage of the tax benefits of a home-based business?  Want to earn a Dream Getaway Cruise to Jamaica?   Would you like  to be recognized on stage with Cookie for your  personal results? The opportunities with Cookie Lee are endless, so contact me today to learn how you can start your business and enjoy all these benefits too!  I'll help you with creating dreams that you never thought were possible.  

Don't forget - it only cost $79.00 to start your own business.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Love, Vicki Kersey